"...for about two months Bill and Robert conspired in writing the copy for the book. “One Liners” were overtaken by paragraphs and paragraphs developed into full chapters. After passing through many revisions, the story became complete as a first person reflective; that of Bill Remley."

"From the many, many weeks of preparation, through the glorious five-day event and on through the clean-up, details of these activities are skillfully brought into focus with images emboldened with strong elements of composition, color and design."

A Grand Celebration

Available Now in Limited Supply This 240 page color photographic interpretation of the Walnut Hill Experience.  
Photo Essay and Design by Robert Iannazzi with Commentary by Bill Remley.  Everyone who knows Walnut Hill as a volunteer, competitor, patron, spectator, official, or casual observer will want a copy of this artistic memento of a summer at Walnut Hill.

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