A Tribute to the Man with the vision . . .

William M. Remley

2010 brought many heavy hearts to the grounds of Walnut Hill Farm. However, the friends and family of Bill Remley did not mourn alone.  Bill's life and work touched people not only in Pittsford New York, not only the city of Rochester, not even simply within the United States.  All over the world people suffered the loss of a friend, a colleague, and a mentor.  

At the time of his passing Bill had earned many titles such as President of the
​Pittsford Carriage Association, chairperson of the Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Competition,honorary life time director of the Carriage Association of America, as well as a member of the Pleasure Driving Committee.

Bill had been cited throughout his life as a person with a 'thirst for knowledge', he was always learning as well as teaching, and had frequently been awarded the "Who's Who Among America's Teachers Award".  By 2010, Bill had published articles in "Carriage Journal", the "Whip", numerous antique journals, and beside Robert Iannazzi, co-authored "Walnut Hill - a Grand Celebration of the Horse & Carriage."  

Referring to his teaching methods, It was once said that Bill could "take a single idea and create a world from it".  And create a world, he did...

​But Bill never thought of himself as a cornerstone of what he built.  He was always giving the credit to those around him.  He gave the credit to the volunteers, and a few key people that he felt really built this event to be what it is today.  

​His zest for life, his knowledge, and his laughter, made him many things to many people.  But beyond the 'chairperson' titles, the runaway ponies, the rainstorms in the middle of a pleasure class, all of his teachings and articles, his family always came first.

As a loving husband, and a wonderful father, he created an entire world from just a single idea.

​In Loving Memory Bill Remley 1940-2010