Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition Events

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Morning events begin at 9:00 am, afternoon events begin at 1:00 pm


Opening Day provides something for everyone! Performance classes include single through four-in-hand horses and ponies. The Ladies Wicker Phaeton Afternoon Turnout Class provides a historic glimpse of park driving in the late 19th-century. All Carriage Lane Boutiques and food will be open!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Morning events begin at 9:00 am, afternoon events begin at 1:00 pm

Making their debut today are the American Miniature Horses and Pair Horses competing in Turnout, Reinsmanship, and Cross-country classes. Bring your chair to get an up-close view of the cross-country classes through simulated conditions and typical obstacles of the time. Find your favorites and see how they do!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Morning events begin at 9:00 am, afternoon events begin at 12:30 pm, evening events begin at 5:30 pm

The chase for championship points begins to heat up on the third day of competition. Juniors (16 years of age and younger) and the ever-popular Trade-Commercial Classes make their first appearances in the Walnut Hill Oval this morning. The English Road Coaches put to four horses make their arrival in the Walnut Hill Oval for two classes this afternoon.

This evening is Discover Pittsford Night. We encourage you to enjoy our community by taking a stroll or enjoying a boat ride on the Erie Canal in Pittsford Village, visit our Wegmans Super Store, have dinner at Wegmans’ Next Door Bar & Grill, or check out the many additional places to dine and shop.

Get ready for a truly fun evening with Wegmans Ascot Picnic Night! Step into the world of My Fair Lady, bring your own picnic (awards will be given!) or purchase one of ours. Dress up or not. Either way, you’ll be entertained by the Carriage Dog and Fancy Dress Costume Classes.

We are pleased to welcome "All the Kings Horses of Prospect Stable," from Sarasota, Florida. They will be performing a variety of exhibitions throughout the week. 


$12 ticket proceeds from Ascot Picnic Night benefit The William M. Remley Memorial Fund.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Morning events begin at 9:00 am, afternoon events begin at 12:30 pm


Now the competition is in full swing, and all the divisions will be making an appearance in the Walnut Hill Farm Oval. During the late morning, don’t miss the photo opportunities and romance of  the Ladies Wicker Phaeton Picnic Turnout Class. In the afternoon, the stately English Road Coaches, “Old Guard,” and Four-in-Hand Obstacle Driving will be featured. See how precisely these huge coaches make their way around the obstacles without knocking anything over. A “clean round” receives more points!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

9:00 - 10:30 am: Presentation Pleasure Drive

Afternoon events begin at 12:00 noon


This morning, we offer our own version of a Sunday carriage drive through New York City’s Central Park. Join us for our five-mile Presentation Pleasure Drive through Mendon Ponds Park. Stake out a place along the route and watch as the parade of horses and carriages make their way through the park. At approximately 10:30, the carriages return to Walnut Hill Farm to the sound of bagpipes by the Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums. Make your final purchases at the Carriage Lane Boutiques because this afternoon’s classes all lead to the coveted Walnut Hill Farm championships. After the final scoring, the winners are announced and take part in the magnificent 2017 Parade of Champions.

Admission Information:
  • Adults and children 12 and over: $12

  • Children under 12: $6

  • Children under 5: free

  • Daily patron pass: $17 (allows Club Tent admission) 


Tickets can be purchased at the gate the day of.

Free Parking 

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