Our Patrons & Sponsors

The Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our 2017 Patrons and Sponsors. This support has allowed us to offer and maintain the high quality and standards people have come to expect at

Walnut Hill Farm. 

Thank you.

VIP Patron 2017


Gloria Austin

Ned Bliss

Driving Essentials, Inc.

Flower and Jim Leo

Glenmore Farm-Glenn A Werry, Jr.

Nancy E. Hyman ~ Walnut Hill Reception Area

The William M. Remley Family

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Christopher and Tricia White, Jr.

Edward B. Young

Old Guard Patrons - 2017


Robert and Bonnie Andre

John and Mary Bartholomew

Edward P. Bliss (Ned Bliss)

Audrey A. Bostwick

Nicole Cable and Silver Shoe Farm

David and Marilyn Croop

The William W. Dennis Family

Jenny Lundberg - Farm Family Insurance

Dr. and Mrs. Elmar Frangenberg

Barb, Matt, and Wendy Ferro

Dr. Rae and Nancy Fischer

Freedman Harness Ltd.

The Mary Therese Friel – Modeling Agency

Louise Klinke and Family

The Heinold Family

Hendershot Haflingers

Joni Kuhn-Bella Cavalli Farm

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Leck

The Merritt Family

James & Misdee Miller

Ken and Elaine Pedlar

Pittsford Carriage Association

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Potter

Claire Reid

Audrey Rose – Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pickett

Gale Salter

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Slate - Clover Hill Farm

Walnut Hill Farm

Patricia and Michael Wilder

Coaching Patrons - 2017


Sharon Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Beaulieu

Barry and Pat Brown

Roger and Jill Gates

Harvey and Mary Waller

Sustaining Patrons - 2017


Ronald and Susan Buchanan

Amanda Cervini - In memory of Shady Lane Farms Little Dance

Vicki and Mary Cork

Steven Rich & Sandra Eckhert

Richard and Donna Jamison

Ron and Linda Reitz

J. Noel and Grace C. Schlageter

Torres Law Office, P.C.

Sponsoring Patrons - 2017


Justin Andre and Carolyn Wehle

Mary Victoria and Erin Elizabeth Clark

Harriet B. Cross

Dreams Come True Farm

Nancy K. Eck

Katie and Bruce Ferguson

Maunallen Gregory

Cindy and Bill Jolbert

Knight Farm

William McIntee, Sr. & William McIntee, Jr.

Ian & Mary Mulligan

Nancy Murphy

M. Christina Schlageter

Leigh M. Semilof, DVM

JoAnn Squire – Chandelle Farm

Jeff and Mary Ann Tock

Susan and Allen Vaala

Ted VanZandt, MD

Jack and Sue Voss

Deena Weinstein and Don Zambito

Participating Patrons - 2017


Suzy Beyer

Deborah L. Bichler

Pat and Mick Bizzaro

Carol Buckhout

Patty, Chuck and Shelby Doren -

            Cedar Ridge Farm

Patricia G. Faulkner

Cal Graziano

Bernard  and Barbara Hart

Scott Hecker

Ginger and Holly Howell

Priscilla Imburgia

Maureen P. Kingston

Larry and Carol Knickerbocker

Jean Louther

Dr. Susan Orosz

Tyler J. Puddy and Marshall R. Bowman

Marjorie Barton Richmond

Michael and Shelly Rider

Kathy Tomaselli

Ann  Zimmerman

2017 Walnut Hill Division Sponsors

The Bartholomew Health Care Group 
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Co. 
Driving Essentials, Inc.
Freedman Harness Ltd. ~ Sunday Presentation Pleasure Drive & Brasses
Kateland Farms
Flower and Jim Leo  
Pittsford Carriage Association 
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Potter 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reitz  
Mrs. William M. Remley 
Chris & Trish White, Jr.  
Edward B. Young 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ames

Judy Anderson - In Memory of Nathan

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Andre

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ashley

Gloria Austin

Robbie Baltzer

Karen & Jeff Barner

Bartholomew Health Care Group

Peter & Gioia Braveman

Pat & Barry Brown - EquiCenter, Inc.

Audrey Bostwick

Ron & Sue Buchanan

Nicole Cable - Silver Shoe Farm

Carriage Association of America

Al Celecki - In Memory of Joanne Celecki

Ann & Hank Couch

Mrs. Gerald Coyne

Joyce Crofton

P.J. and Tara Crowley - In Memory of Louisa Plummer

Mary Dennis

Driving Essentials

Mrs. Phillip Dubois

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Edie

Katie & Bruce Ferguson

Forward Motion Equine & Tara Miliziano Crowley

Tom & Heidi Freeman

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gates

Jane Gorsling & Betsy Perry -

   In memory of Katherine “Maws” Swan

Gradient Farms/ Dave & Cheryl Driscoll

Granger Homestead

Kelly Hartford - In Memory of Teresa & Paul Hartford

Hendershot Haflingers

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haggerty & Mrs. John Lazor

Teresa Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Heinold

Pat, Dick & Michelle Herman

The Hugh Hunter Family

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Jamison

Ted Jenney – Kateland Farm

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Jewett

John’s Many Friends

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Judson

Mr. & Mrs. James Knauer

The Larry Knickerbocker Family

Knight Farm

Gail & Charles Knowlton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leck

The Bill Lee Family

Flower & Jim Leo

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Limbeck

John Lockhart & Lynne Mazadoorian

Lorick Stables

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Marchant

Paul & Karen Martin

New York State Horse Council

Northampton Driving Society

John & Bee Perkins

Mary, Brian, Alexandra & Hunter Phillips -

   In Memory of Hogan & Dexter & Maggie & Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Pierson

Pittsford Carriage Association

The Potter Family

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Presutti & Miss MacKenzie Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Reitz

The William Remley Family

Sue Remley - In Memory of Bill Remley

Agnes W. Rideout - In Memory of Craig Rideout

Mike & Shelley Rider

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rhoda

Michelle Sabernick

The Sadoff Family

Carol Sax

Mr. Gareth Selwood

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Schumacher

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sykes - In Memory of Doris W. Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Vaala

The Walsh Family

Mrs. John L. Wehle, Jr.

Glenn A. Werry, Jr.

Rufus Wesson

Mrs. Ernest C. Whitbeck III

Tricia & Chris White, Jr. -

   In Memory of Christopher White, Sr 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilder

Sally Wood

Ann Willey & John Yale

Cheryl Yelle

Edward B. Young

Class Sponsors 2017

Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition

397 West Bloomfield Road

Pittsford, NY  14534



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